Friday Faves from the PNW

After traveling all day yesterday, we got kids to bed in our hotel room far too late for me to write a post. But we had such BIG things we wanted to share from this week!

Okay, first: you may remember, we set a goal to hit 70% of our financial support by the end of July. When Allen and I made that goal, I really had to fight through some fear – it felt too big and too impossible.

But God, once again, showed us that He does impossible things. And at 9:00pm on July 30th, God moved in another sweet family to join our team. And their verbal commitment put us at 70%!!

You guys. I can’t even. For whatever reason, 70% feels HUGE. It’s a passing grade. It’s almost 3/4 of the way there. All of a sudden it feels so much more real – like, God is really really doing this in our lives. We are literally seeing Him move in peoples’ lives to join Him on this adventure He has called our family to. It is so good. He is so good!

Not only that, but God continues to provide generously and abundantly for our van to be fixed. We are so humbled by and thankful for His provision.

Yesterday was our first time flying with all 3 kiddos. It was an adventure, to say the least. Here they all are in our stroller, cruising through Sea-Tac. I promise, they were having fun… they were all just exhausted.

When people saw our family (with 3 littles), they made many comments: “This will be a fun flight…” “Wow, you have your hands full…” “Good luck!”

But our little travelers have each been to Africa already and do quite well flying and navigating airports. We had the girls pack their own carry on backpacks for this flight (mostly) and it was so fun seeing what they felt like they had to have with them.

We posted our July newsletter and video this week, too. That was fun! We love inviting you guys into our lives through this blog and our newsletters. It’s so fun to do this with you.

We are spending the weekend with family, but we’ll be home on Monday and will post again on Tuesday. See you then!

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