My Grandpa

I have thought a lot about my grandpa’s legacy this week.

My grandpa loved the Lord. From a young age, he was active in church. My grandparents married in their teens and had my dad about a year later… and they made sure my dad went to church, too.

I’m so thankful for that.

My dad accepted Christ as a kid and grew up being active in church, too. When he and my mom got married and had us kids, they made sure we were in church, just like they were.

Because of that, I have very fond memories of flannel graphs and children’s church and youth lock ins.

It’s easy with little ones to not go to church. To have a quiet Sunday morning and skip the effort to get up and dressed and be on time.

I’m so thankful my grandparents didn’t take the easy way out, that my parents didn’t either. And as tough as it is sometimes, Allen and I aren’t either.

Generations have passed and my grandpa’s legacy lives on. We love the Lord and we are active in church.

My grandpa’s memorial service is this weekend. As we travel out for it, please pray for comfort for my family. But also join us in praising God for a man who stands whole and complete in His presence.

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