Tuesday Talk

Lately, Clara has loved the word “no.” She says it all the time, even when we know she’d really enjoy what we are asking/offering. For example…

“Clara, do you want to watch a movie?”


“Clara, please put your shoes on so we can go outside and play.”


“Clara, I love you!”



Is there anyone else with a two-year-old who can relate? Anyone?

This girl has become very definitive in her answers. She says “No” and she means it, by golly. She puts her mind to something and, for better or worse, she goes for it.

Thinking about her spunky spirit, I’m convicted to pray in that same manner: to put my mind to something and say, “No, Satan, you will not win there.” To claim the promises God has put forth in His word and just go for it.

If you want to join us in that this week, here’s how you can be praying for our family:

Allen’s schooling – In the coming weeks, Allen will be writing papers, finalizing assignments, and preparing for finals. Pray for a steadfast mind, focus, and perseverance!

Smooth travels – We are heading south this week for my grandfather’s memorial service. Allen will be playing my grandpa’s favorite hymn (“The Old Rugged Cross”) on a 12-string guitar, so pray that it is a blessing to my grandma and family. We are thankful to be able to fly down for the service (yay, airline miles!!). When you think of us traveling, please picture three kids (ages 6 months to 3 and a half years) riding in a two-kid stroller, with two little kid backpacks stuffed with toys, diapers, and extra clothes; a tote bag full of snacks, diapers, and extra clothes; and a guitar case… and also picture three car seats and (at least) one suitcase… all for a quick four day trip. Phew.

God’s provision – Our van, pre-field, and partnership… we are waiting with eager anticipation to see how God provides in each of those areas. We are so thankful to have some new partners over the last few weeks, pushing us closer to reaching 85% to attend training this fall!

Sunday School – We recently started subbing in the middle school Sunday School class. And while we think it is going well, 6th through 8th graders are a tough crowd to read: one week they are engaged and interacting so well in class… and the next, they just stare at us deadpan. So pray for fruit and effective teaching.

Know we are praying for you, too. Thank you for your friendship, encouragement, and partnership. We. Love. You.

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