Tuesday Talk

Allen and I are teaching the 6th-8th grade Sunday School class right now. Did we mention that? We are filling in for the regular teacher just so he can have a little bit of a break. And it’s been so. much. fun.

I mention this because two weeks ago, we looked at the Scriptures when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, 4 days after he passed. And we talked about how God does impossible things. It’s kind of His specialty.

Well, we are eagerly waiting for God to do some impossible. And we are getting glimpses of how He is doing that already.

Impossible Thing Number One:

My grandfather is on the brink of entering eternity. To be honest, we hadn’t expected him to make it through the weekend this side of heaven, but he did. My family is thankful for more time with him and yet we know God could call him home anytime. The impossible thing? Waiting with peace and joy, knowing God’s comfort and love in the midst of the waiting and mourning. But that’s what we are praying for.

I’m so thankful Hudson and I could go down last month. What a sweet, sweet time.

Impossible Thing Number Two:

As we shared last week, we need a new transmission in our van. The transmission shop said it would be just under $4,000. The impossible thing? That’s a lot of money that, thanks to our medical bills from earlier in the year, we don’t have. We are asking God to do His will, and praying that includes either lowering the actual cost drastically or providing the finances to pay for it.

We have seen, even in the last week, how God has started to provide what we need. We are so excited to see what He does and how He makes a way when it seems impossible.

Impossible Thing Number Three:

Reaching 85% and completing our assignments in time for Field Prep in November. With everything else, it just feels too big, too impossible. But if God can do the two prior things we listed, He can do this, too. We are praying for wisdom to know His way, who we should invite to our team, and for time management!

In Last month’s newsletter, we talked about being audacious and having the audacity to ask God for big things. Friends, these don’t just feel like big things. They feel like impossible things. But God is bigger than the impossible. We can’t wait for two days, two weeks, two months from now when we can say, “Look at the ‘impossible’ things our Good Father did for us!”

To God be the glory.

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