Friday Favorites: It’s Cold Again.

Well, our glorious days of 80*-90* weather are behind us. Now, everyone will say, “Remember the summer of 2019 when it was so hot all the time?! Those were the days…”

And everyone who bought box fans and air conditioners is trying to find places to store them because it didn’t get above 65* yesterday and that felt especially chilly with the mist in the air.

But I digress.

It’s Friday and that means that we are sharing some highlights of the week. Let’s jump in!

We kicked off the weekend at the cabin again where we played in the lake and tried to stay cool. The girls LOVED being dunked into the water:

We kicked our legs in the water…

Played on the paddle boat…

Sweated like crazy…

And enjoyed the cooler evening weather on the porch swing.

We also (mostly) finished the playhouse! We have some touchup painting to do, but it is in place. Already, the girls have been playing in it and seem to love it!

Driving the Jeep around without doors and a top was everyone’s favorite. In fact, shortly after leaving church on Sunday, all of the kids fell asleep in the back seat, inspire of the wind and road noise! We ended up driving to Palmer to do our grocery shopping instead of staying in Wasilla so they could get a good nap in.

I took Clara out with me to buy supplies for her birthday party (she’ll be TWO next week!) and we had so much fun.

Hudson looked so snazzy in his overalls:

And Ruth spent some time serenading us with her guitar playing:

It hasn’t been all roses and butterflies this week – Allen’s classes were tough this week, for various reasons, leaving him frustrated and discouraged. It was hard for me to know how to encourage him.

I share that because it’s way easy to post some cute pictures and talk about the fun stuff. But that doesn’t give an accurate picture of our life. It doesn’t show the middle of the night wake ups and the laundry. It doesn’t show the dishes and the tears and the owies covered by bandaids. Those things were a huge part of our week, too.

And yet:

Have a great weekend, friends. See you here on Tuesday!

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