Togo South Team: Nursing Graduation

When we were appointed by ABWE last March, we knew we would be joining an existing team, not going rogue as new missionaries in a foreign land. During our site visit, the Togo South Team welcomed us with open arms and we are excited to be serving alongside them.

Our team is involved in many many ministries across southern Togo:

And the Lord has done great things in Togo through His faithful followers.

Part of the Togo South Team’s ministry is training Togolese people as nurses. This spring, 31 nurses graduated from the rigorous 4-year program: 16 nurses from the south and 15 nurses from the new nursing program in northern Togo.

We’d love for you to read more about it yourself – click here to visit our team’s website and read about the amazing things God did to bring this graduation to fruition.

By partnering with us financially and prayerfully, you are helping make things like this happen. Thank you for your support and to God be the glory!

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  1. God is raising up local people all over the earth to build His kingdom! Praise God we are invited to partake in the training up of others for His glory.

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