Tuesday Talk

“Do you have any good stories to tell?” I asked Allen.

“Ummm… great question,” he answered with a laugh. “Surely we have something good to tell… like surviving extreme heat in Alaska,” he said. “Umm…”

1. Pray. For. Rain.

Alaska is on fire (figuratively, with these record breaking temperatures; but also literally, with wildfires popping up across the state). We need rain desperately.

Here are some pictures from the last real rain we had… in early June.

2. Wisdom in pre field and partnership development.

We set an audacious goal: to be at 70% of our monthly funding by the end of July. To reach that goal, we simply need 7 people partnering with us for $70 a month. But guess what?! You don’t even have to start giving now. You can make a support commitment and then begin your regular support in the future. Want to learn more? Click here.

We are excited to see who the Lord brings to our team this month. We are praying for those people already.

We also have lots of books to read and assignments to complete. It’s all good stuff… but it’s a lot of good stuff. And we all know too much of a good thing can a bad thing.

About this time last year, we were getting ready to fly East for training. The girls were with us and Hudson was in my tummy! Lord willing, in a few months we’ll make that trip again

3. Allen loves school!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sometimes. Maybe. On a good day.

Pray for him.

His shirt in this picture says “exhausted” and I think that about sums it all up right now.

A few other notes:

We are thankful for another fun time at the cabin:

Allen said he’s thankful for me. I think it’s because I make sure he has clean socks and t-shirts every week.

And finally, we are excited to see God moving in our partnership development. From generous gifts to verbal commitments of regular support, His faithful guiding and provision is a blessing.

Thanks for walking this journey with us, friends.

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