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Every now and then, we like to highlight a resource that’s designed to encourage, educate, and support the body of Christ as we seek to serve God and make Him known.

In the past, we’ve talked about the Missions Podcast, the Message Magazine, Risen Motherhood (a great podcast for mamas with young kids), two Bible studies/discipleship tools (The Story of Hope and The Way to Joy), and the ABWE Blog. Today, we are exploring another helpful article-based tool: The IMB article library!

The IMB (International Mission Board) is how Southern Baptist churches typically send missionaries. Through the cooperative program, churches all over the nation give to a central fund that supports over 3,600 field personnel.

The IMB’s article library includes information about discipleship, church planting, people and places, and more. The articles include great photography alongside theological truth, practical application, and informative spotlights on different cultures.

Need something to read on your next coffee break? Try this fun photo-based article about how people travel or this one, about why more people don’t serve in missions.

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