Five Friday Favorites

Happy fifth of July! I bet we’re the first to tell you that. We hope those of you here in the States had a great day celebrating America’s Independence.

We have five favorites to share with you today! We’re limiting it to five because, truth be told, we’re packing to head to the cabin again and want to hit the road ASAP.

So without further ado…

1. We have had the Jeep’s top and door off for about a week now and it is so much fun driving it around! Okay, I admit, when I’m driving to work in 50* weather and the seats are wet with due, it isn’t much fun. But when I get off work and it’s 85* and sunny… watch our world!

We went to the 4th of July parade yesterday and Ruth asked, “Can we please take the Jeep?” Yes. Yes, dear child. Always.

2. Allen said he really liked working on the playhouse more this week. We painted most of it yesterday (just the trim and roof to paint now!) and it’s a nice shade of… bright celery? I guess that’s how I would describe it…

3. We’ve been able to do all these fun outside things because it’s been hotter here in Wasilla, Alaska than in Kara, Togo!!

We think that’s a favorite… but with no AC, we might literally die when it hits 90* on Monday. We’ll keep you posted.

4. If you missed it on Tuesday, this was a favorite, for sure. And Hudson sums up how we felt about it:

We also received two other O&P gifts totaling $1,000 this week! We are so thankful for how God is providing.

5. Finally, we set a new support goal: 70% of our monthly need by the end of July. To get there, we’ll need just 7 people committing to $70/month in support.

7 for $70 to reach 70%

Reaching this goal will help us be better positioned to attend our final ABWE training in November. Pray with us for God to provide our partnership team, for us to work diligently to meet this goal, and, most of all, for God to be glorified.

Have a great weekend!

2 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

  1. I love reading about how God is continually providing for the missions trip. How wonderful to know that He is for us! Praying for more committed partners to fund the trip in its entirety.

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