Tuesday Talk: Speechless.

Saturday evening, shortly after I fell asleep, Allen woke me up, waving his phone in my face. “Melissa,” he said, “You have to see this!”

I grumpily rolled over and saw he had our ABWE Central account open on his phone.

“What?” I asked groggily.

“An anonymous person donated [a very substantial amount of money] to our O&P!”

I sat up in bed like a rocket. “What?!” I exclaimed. And right there, in black and white: an anonymous financial gift that covered the remainder of our language school and half of the cost of a vehicle in Togo. That gift even put us well over 50% of our O&P need.

Speechless. Utterly unable to say anything except thank You, God and thank you, anonymous friend. We are blessed.

What else is new?

Allen pulled a muscle over the weekend, but it’s feeling better! So

We have a 4-day weekend coming up and have plans to go back to the cabin.

Allen has an exam tomorrow for his Jesus in the Gospels class. Pray for good remembrance of all he has studied.

This beautiful weather means the doors and top are off the Jeep! It was a little chilly driving it to work yesterday in the 55* morning chill (and with a seat wet from dew), it so worth it in the afternoon 75* sunshine.

And finally, we are looking to begin teaching a Sunday School class. We both love to teach, so we are excited about this opportunity. Pray for wisdom and direction as we consider different grades/ages and the need at our church.

How can we be praying for you this week?

3 Comments on “Tuesday Talk: Speechless.

  1. Great is thy faithfulness! What an answer to prayer, I mean seriously! What a direct answer to what was address in your blog just this past week, PTL!!!

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