Friday: A Week of Being Outside

It’s Friday! Tomorrow, it’s supposed to be like 87* (!!!) and we are loving it. I had to stop at a thrift store after work on Wednesday to buy our kiddos some more shorts and t-shirts because consistent 70* and 80* weather just doesn’t happen here in Alaska… but it did this week!

With all this beautiful weather, of course we spent the majority of the week playing outside. We kicked it off over the weekend by spending Saturday night at our friends’ cabin on a lake.

I have countless memories of being at the cabin while growing up: weaving potholders, reading “Archie” comic books, laying in the hammock, going out in the paddle boat, celebrating birthdays over Memorial Day weekend, raising pigs on the island, playing Capture the Flag, trying to snowboard, hanging hats and gloves to dry after riding snow machines, roasting s’mores, watching fireworks on New Year’s Eve… the list could go on and on. I love that now, I’m able to introduce my husband and kids to life at the cabin. We shared a few pictures on Tuesday, but here are a couple more favorites:

Allen spent a majority of the week building the girls a playhouse! We tried over and over to buy one from Facebook’s Marketplace, but kept striking out. So we loaded up the van one evening, took off to our local home improvement store, and picked up the supplies to build one ourselves. The girls have loved helping:

We were also excited to get some new summer clothes in the mail recently… Thanks, Mimi and Papa! And thank you, children, for all looking at the camera and (mostly) smiling!

We sent out our June 2019 Newsletter this week, too! For flashback’s sake, you can read our June 2018 Newsletter here and see pictures of tiny Ruth and Clara, our first real peek of life in Kara, and a reminder of how far the Lord has brought us (from 6% of our O&P to 43% in one year!).

We also shared our answers to some frequently asked questions about our site visit. If you missed it, you can read it here. Hopefully these million posts about our site visit were informative and encouraging to you!

Other favorites included lunch with a sweet friend, taking the top off of our Jeep, falling way too behind on laundry because we were playing outside (oh, wait…), and eating dinners outside. Summer, we love you!

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