Friday Faves: Top 5

It has been a beautiful week here in Alaska and today is the Summer Solstice! We’re sharing our top five favorites from the week in order to kick off a great weekend. Read on, friends…

Number 5:

We wrapped up sharing about our site visit yesterday! You can read the post here if you missed it. It took four posts to recap all we saw and experienced in just a week and a half… and we have plenty more stories we could share.

Number 4:

Every summer, the youth group from our church has Hands and Feet week – seven days dedicated to serving our church family and community. This year, we were so blessed by them coming to our house! They spent two half-days splitting firewood, stacking it, and doing yard work.

Number 3:

Beautiful weather all week meant playing outside all week. We filled our little kiddy pool with freezing cold water, but Ruth and Clara loved playing in it. At one point, Ruth turned to me and said, “I’m having fun with you, mommy!” And my heart melted into a puddle right there in our backyard.

Number 2:

We had some really fun partnership meetings this week – two via video chat and one in-person over dinner. One thing we love about this process is getting to reconnect with friends, hear what God is doing in their lives, and share what He is doing in ours, too.

Number 1:

Seeing our kids experience new things this week was fun. Clara got her first haircut (to fix Ruth’s scissors experiment). Hudson used a corncob as a teether. And Ruth is really starting to become more adventurous. We praise God for how our kids are growing and developing… and we praise God that none of us have been sick for like a month!

Have a great weekend!

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