Everyone’s Favorites This Friday

This week, we want to share (what we presume to be) everyone’s favorites from the week, starting with the baby in the family!


If we were a 4-month-old baby, I think our favorite part of the week would be meeting great grandparents in Oregon and spending time with Mimi and Papa!

When we landed in Medford last Thursday evening, Hudson went straight to Papa and just snuggled him until I got our luggage.

Hudson spent some quality time napping on Mimi, too.

He loved meeting and hanging out with great grandma and great grandpa! It was a such a special weekend with them.


Clara’s favorite part of the week was probably running around outside. It’s been so nice during the day here – in the low 70s, which is hot for Alaska! We’ve had thunder and lightning storms some evenings, but they pass pretty quickly, leaving behind blue skies.

Clara would be outside all the time, rain or shine! PS – please note the super short uneven hair on her forehead: Ruth was practicing her scissor skills a few weeks ago.

Allen built the girls a little trail through the trees in our backyard and they love to go adventuring on it.

Lingering to smell some wild flowers in the middle of playing.


Like her little sister, Ruth loves playing outside. She helped me plant our potatoes (finally) and weed our rhubarb beds.

Ruth is also on a kick lately where she changes clothes like a million times a day and wants to wear dresses or shorts everywhere.

She also loved adventuring on the trail this week in the sunshine.

And this girl is always keen on drinking her hot cocoa.


In the midst of hard classes and chasing three kids, Allen says his week was “full.” Here are his highlights of the week.

Vacation Bible School ended last Friday and our church had a fun block party Sunday afternoon. Allen was able to talk with some parents about Togo and missions, which is always encouraging.

Allen also finished painting Hudson’s room and we got our little guy moved in there! He isn’t sleeping through the night, but it’s nice having our bedroom back to ourselves again.

Finally, Allen said his absolute favorite things was having me and Hudson back home (aww)!


My favorite part of the week was being in Oregon. I just love spending time with my parents and grandparents, so that was a total blessing. It was also really special getting to chat with my grandma and celebrate Father’s Day early with my dad and grandpa.

Mama and I went shopping for my birthday one day …

And I had some fun one-on-one time with Hudson. He is such a sweet boy. We have traipsed through many an airport together with him in this ring sling!

Ooh! But another favorite was taking the freedom top off my Jeep! Yay for summer weather!

That’s about it for the Batts crew this week… Have a great weekend, friends!

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