Site Visit: Part 3

We’re on Part 3 of our site visit recap!

You can watch our site visit video here, read Part 1 of our recap here, and read Part 2 here. Part 3 covers our time at ABWE’s hospital in south Togo.

We left Kara on Tuesday, May 7th early in the morning. I mean early. We stopped for some breakfast rolls at a bakery and, despite my earnest prayers for coffee, they didn’t have any.

The drive from Kara to Tsiko was about 6 hours. Along the way, we drove through a rock…

… And saw some beautiful sites. You guys, Togo is gorgeous. See for yourselves:

There are a lot of buildings like the one in the last photo. Either the builders ran out of money and couldn’t finish, or parts of the houses were knocked down when roads were built.

We arrived at L’Hôpital Baptiste Biblique early afternoon and ate lunch in the dining hall. And guess what?! As Allen was grabbing his food, he met a doctor visiting the hospital on a short-term trip who was from Wasilla, Alaska… our hometown! He attends the same church as several of our friends and partners. Such a small world!

After lunch, we spent some time with Jason, ABWE’s Regional Director for West Africa. We shared with him our hearts for ministry and heard about some cool and exciting opportunities in that part of the world. We left feeling encouraged and excited about what God is doing!

It was a big day at his house, too – the container that had lived in their yard was finally being moved! Jason’s kids sat outside and watched the operation.

We ate dinner in the dining hall after getting settled in our guest room. And then finally, bed time!

… only to have Allen wake up a few hours later not feeling well. You can read about our hospital adventure here, but basically, Allen had a fever, landing him in the hospital for six hours. He was diagnosed with acute dehydration and an amoeba. The result? Three bags of IV fluids, some blood and stool samples were tested, and he got an antibiotic with instructions to drink plenty of fluids!

Thank you a million times over to everyone who prayed for Allen’s healing!

I held Hudson and read a book on my phone while Allen was nursed back to health by the skilled and caring doctors, including our friend Zach, pictured below!

The rest of the day, we rested in our room. Allen mostly slept and I mostly read and kept Hudson occupied.

But in the late afternoon, we took a tour of the hospital grounds. We’d already become pretty intimate with the hospital itself, but we saw lots of animals on the tour!

Several kids have pet monkeys! It was so funny to see a collar and leash on a monkey, rather than a dog. But when in Africa!

The compound in Tsiko is beautiful:

Shipping containers arrive regularly with medical supplies. They are often converted into storage!

That night, they had a retirement party for a woman who has faithfully served in Togo for like 40 years. I asked her before the party, “What’s the key to staying on the field?” She answered, “Take a nap everyday. And communicate well.” Daily naps?! Done and done!

It was fun hearing the team share their favorite memories and stories about this woman. And Jane and Joan performed a hilarious skit in her honor!

Bedtime finally came, and we crashed.

The next morning, we sat in on the team meetings, which started with worship and prayer.

I held Hudson (which was a tough job)…

… until Joan asked if she could take over.

Pretty sure he was okay with that arrangement.

The meetings were really interesting. Allen and I had a chance to share some about ourselves and how the Lord called us to Togo. And we answered questions, too, which was helpful.

After team meetings and lunch, we rushed back to the hospital to pay Allen’s medical bill before packing the rest of our stuff and heading out!

Next stop, Kpalimé!

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