First Class Friday!

I’m writing this post from a first class seat on an Alaska Airlines flight to Oregon to visit my parents and grandparents. Hudson is with me; Allen, Ruth, and Clara are back home in Alaska.

I’m thankful for the extra space as I juggle a 4-month-old by myself, for sweet flight attendants who hold Hudson while I use the restroom, and for that yummy (and warm) chocolate chip cookie they served. #FirstClassWhoDis

Also, I am a chronic ear-pain-sufferer on the plane. Think burst eardrums, crying, chewing gum like a cow… that’s me. Allen always looks at me like I’m crazy because he never has ear troubles. But I bought some Ear-Planes when we went to Togo and had no issues (even though I was still getting over an ear infection) and I will never fly without them again! Talk about a game changer. If your ears are like mine, get some Ear-Planes. They’re on Amazon, but I know Target sells them and I’m sure other stores do, too.

Allen had a great week at VBS! And we were so blessed to hear that half of the offering collected this week would go to our O&P. A little boy excitedly told Allen, “I gave you two dollars today!” So sweet.

We are also excited to officially be at 62% of our monthly need! Have you noticed the pie chart in the sidebar? That shows our current support level, our goal (85% by mid-October so we can attend our next training with ABWE), and the remainder to get us to 100%. Each person or family who partners with us for $70 per month moves us one percentage point.

Another fun thing this week:

Family bike ride! We donned our helmets, hooked up the new bike carriers, and took off on a quick adventure between rogue rainstorms. It was so fun!! Granted, I was free to just peddle myself while Allen had all 3 kids on his bike…

And the bike helmets quickly transformed into fashion statements, too:

Hudson had a helmet, too, but it’s a little big still. It’ll fit by summer’s end, I’m sure.

We also recapped part 2 of our site visit yesterday! Lots of fun pictures and a ministry update are included in the post, so be sure to check it out!

And we had fun eating s’mores last Saturday with some friends and partners!

The girls weren’t too sure about how sticky the s’mores were, but the rain held off and we had fun!

That about sums up our week… Hope you all had a great one, too!

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