Tuesday Talk

Three day weekends are always so nice. Allen turned to me last night as we were driving home from a financial peace class at church and said, “It feels like Saturday!”

It helped, of course, that we only had one child with us (thank you, Betty, for watching the girls!) so it was almost like being on a date. And the sun was shining. And we were wearing shorts, meaning summer is here!

Our yard sale over the weekend was a success: we made close to $3,000 for our Outfit and Passage over the two days! Praise God! Thank you to everyone who donated, helped, shared the event, came, shopped, sent pizza… we are so thankful for you.

Clara and I enjoyed sitting outside in the sunshine for part of the yard sale…

… until she decided she liked rocks more than selfies with mamma. #toddlerlife

Allen’s next semester starts today! He is taking two online classes: “Jesus and the Gospels” and “The Christian Ministry.” Please pray for there to be fruit from these classes and that he’ll enjoy them.

I was trying to find a picture of Allen to include here, just because pictures are fun. But all I could find was this one of him pounding fufu in Togo. Totally unrelated to school work, but I guess pounding fufu is work, so…

One more prayer request: we are on a push to reach 85% of our monthly funding by October 15th so we can attend our last set of training with ABWE in November. Please pray with us for God to raise up our team and for us to be diligent in fulfilling our role in that work. It is a good work! But it can be a hard work, too. We are just 25% away from reaching this goal!

And finally, this Saturday, June 1st at 6:30pm, we are having a Partner Get Together: S’mores at the Batts House, coupled with a ministry update and probably a few random stories about our site visit. Please come join us!! If you need our address, leave a comment and we’ll fill you in.

Have a great week!

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