Tuesday Talk

We came back from Togo last week and hit the ground running. From Allen’s finals to my quick return to work and from Hudson two new teeth to the girls’ patterns shifting, we are all just… adjusting.

But that’s life, right?

As soon as one rhythm works out and hits that perfect blend of harmony, a new drum beat is introduced and all the instruments adjust to keep up.

Allen sent me this picture of Ruth yesterday and it sums up how we all feel right now:

Three kids ages 3 and under is no joke.

Anyway, praises and prayer requests!


We were thankful to be able to share about our site visit in church on Sunday and so thankful for the encouragement from our church family.

Allen hasn’t had any more fevers since being home.

Hudson graduated from chiropractic care yesterday! He has been going to see Dr. Josh at Bee Well Chiropractic once or twice a week since he was less than a day old to adjust some issues in his neck and spine. We had a great experience with Dr. josh, but are thankful Hudson’s treatment plan is complete. Here’s a photo from one of his first sessions, when he didn’t even have a belly button yet:

Prayer Requests:

We are having a HUGE fundraiser this Friday and Saturday to raise money for our Outfit and Passage. We have to save about $117,000 to pay for language school, shipping costs, purchasing a vehicle in Togo, and more. We are about 1/3 of the way towards that goal, and this fundraiser will help us get a little closer! Pray for good weather and a successful day, not just in selling things but in connecting with people.

Allen starts classes again next week. This “break” hasn’t been very restful, so pray for him to get some real downtime before things kick off again with two more (online) classes.

Have a great week, friends, and we hope to see you at the yard sale this weekend!

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