Friday Faves

Happy Friday! It has been quite the week at the Batts’ house, if you count extreme exhaustion, poopy diapers, and allergies as “quite the week”.

We do.

Hard to believe that this time last week, we were in Kpalime, Togo looking at the Aquaponics system (featured in this post’s cover photo), shopping in the blind center’s boutique, exploring the market, and teaching Andrew and Mary (pictured with me and Hudson, below) how to play the travel version of Catan!

Our plan is to start sharing about our trip, day-by-day, next Thursday. Yesterday, we shared a short snippet (a sneak peak, if you will) of what God taught us while we were in Togo. And now, here are some other highlights from the week:

I bought some fabric while we were in Kara to make Ruth and Clara skirts. I figured I should just make them ASAP, otherwise I may never get around to it. So on Monday, I pulled out my sewing machine, got the girls settled in, and got to work.

Ruth promptly pulled out her little sewing machine and started “sewing”, too. We took the needle and thread out (and I made lame sewing safety jokes) but she was perfectly content “sewing” with me.

And their skirts turned out super cute, with little “striped horsies” on them. I was excited that there was enough fabric for me to have one, too. Side note: I’m laughing in this picture because the girls were just not cooperating with me and it as either laugh or break down from pure exhaustion.

My mom and dad left Tuesday evening – super sad. We are so thankful for all the ways they helped us the last two weeks: watching our girls, cutting up firewood, replacing our very broken and decrepit microwave… what gems! We snuck a quick photo in the restaurant parking lot.

Ruth was a great little worker when the family stopped by my work this week…

And Clara loved playing outside in the sunshine. Look how blonde her hair is! Also, please notice that super short chunk in the middle of her forehead. Does it look like a chunk of hair was cut off or like it is new hair just growing in?

And as for Hudson, he is nearly in 6-month clothes already. As you can see from his double chin, he is not in want for food. Not even when we were in West Africa.

That about wraps things up here. Any fun weekend plans? Tomorrow morning, Allen is picking up some yard sale stuff with the help of some friends and I’ll be spending time with a sweet friend, too. On Sunday, we are giving a site visit report to our sending church, Fairview Loop Baptist, and we would love it if you joined us!

Have a great weekend, friends!

2 thoughts on “Friday Faves

  1. It is so good to see that everyone is healthy and moving comfortably back into the routine of life stateside. How did Allen do with WBU finals? Praying for good grades!

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