The Last 24 Hours

If you missed our posts on Facebook and Instagram yesterday, we want to fill you in on the day’s (unexpected) happenings.

Tuesday morning, we drove down to Tsiko from Kara, where ABWE’s Hôpital Baptiste Biblique (HBB) is located. The Togo South Team meetings are held there.

Tuesday night, Allen woke up around midnight and asked if the bed we were sleeping in was heated. I told him I didn’t think so, and when I reached over to tell him goodnight again, he was burning up. We checked his temperature: 101.8*.

I sat bolt upright in bed. All we had was some infant Tylenol, so we gave him a big dose. I messaged our teammates and asked about taking him to HBB in the morning. Then there was nothing we could do but wait.

Overnight, his temperature fluctuated between 101.3* and 101.9* and none of us got much rest.

At about 5:30am, we heard from some teammates and Zach, a short-termer working in the hospital, said he could take Allen in with him at 6:00am.

We met Zach, walked over to the hospital, and Allen got situated in a makeshift room (with air conditioning!) pretty quickly. They started giving him IV fluids, thinking he may be dehydrated.

They drew some blood to test for malaria, which is common here.

And Allen tried to get some rest.

Hudson and I sat and waited (I read a book on my phone and Hudson ate and slept and played).

They gave Allen two bags of fluids, then moved him to another room. There, he got a third bag and we found out the malaria results were negative and his white blood count was normal.

They ordered a stool sample and we waited for those results to come in.

Meanwhile, his temperature and heart rate slowly returned to (almost) normal as he sipped water and rested.

By this time, it was past noon. Zach came back to the hospital (he had been checking in on us throughout the day) and said we could leave. We still didn’t have stool sample results, but he said they’d let us know what those were.

So Allen quickly changed and we left. We grabbed some lunch with the team and spent the afternoon resting, still with no clue as to why Allen fell sick so suddenly.

At about 2:30, Zach messaged us again – results showed that Allen had an amoeba and needed some antibiotics. Hudson and I quickly left to meet Zach at the hospital to get the medicine.

We got the goods, took them to Allen, and I forced him to take them and drink some water. He slowly started feeling better as the day wore on, and I am so thankful.

I wrote these notes while we were at HBB waiting:

God’s grace is so evident in this hospital situation. We were on the HBB grounds when Allen fell sick. One of our online friends is a short-term doctor here. And the visiting physician (Dr. Nimmo) is from Wasilla, Alaska and goes to Wasilla Bible Church. I am so so sorry Allen is sick (this is NOT how we wanted to experience the hospital!) but I see how God is providing for and meeting our needs, even here.

We were able to come in at 6:00am, just 6 hours after his symptoms started. Praise God. The nurses and staff are attentive and kind (even if his hospital bed isn’t comfortable). The room we are in is air conditioned.

I think his temperature has gone down, praise God. It’s 38* C

Jane brought breakfast (hard boiled eggs, chocolate chip muffins, bananas, and even a cup of coffee!) and held Hudson so I could eat. Friends and family checked in regularly to see how we were doing and if we needed anything. People prayed for us.

We did not anticipate spending half the day in the hospital, missing the team meetings, etc. But seeing God’s hand orchestrating even that situation was such a blessing.

Allen is feeling better today, praise God. Thank you for praying for us and standing with us (literally and figuratively) yesterday. We are so thankful for and humbled by the sweet friends, family, and teammates we have. Thank you.

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