Tuesday Talk

In addition to being a content curator (ha) for this blog, I work full-time as a Business Systems Analyst for the best school district in Alaska… which means, I love data.

For that reason, I looked back through all of our Tuesday Talk posts for this year. And since January 1, we have asked for prayer for health and/or healing 9 times.

And y’all, today is no different.

Our family is sick again. And in fact, their pediatrician said they have “the worst cold they’ve seen in a while.”

I have no idea where our kids keep picking up illnesses. They don’t go to daycare. They aren’t in school. The only place they really are exposed to other kids is in the nursery at church. And yet. They have been sick so often this year. It’s exhausting for everyone.

This next picture sums it up pretty well. I don’t remember why Ruth was so upset, but it could have been something as simple as not wanting to go get her drink from the other room. #3-Year-OldLife

This lingering illness is especially worrisome because Allen, Hudson, and I head to Togo in 8 days. The girls are staying home with my parents, who are flying up from Oregon to watch them. Last time my mama was here, she got sick, too, and we would LOVE to avoid that again.

So please pray that we all feel better (especially the kids) and that Allen and I are protected from any further illness.

I’m thankful we do not have to battle chronic illnesses, that these illnesses do go away. And I’m even more thankful that God is the Great Physician.

A couple other items you can pray for:

  • A safe, productive, and insightful visit to Togo. We are excited to see how God guides and refines our ministry focus over the next month. All along, we have held our calling to Togo with open hands, ready and willing to do whatever He asks. And whatever it is, we know it will be good because He is good.
  • My parents to have a good visit with Ruth and Clara. My parents are complete rock stars, so we aren’t worried, but we want them to have fun, not just survive.
  • Diligence in studying. Allen is missing a week of class while we are in Togo and we come back right to his finals week.

Thank you for praying for us! Have a great week.

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