Friday Faves

Yesterday felt like Friday. With everyone (except me) sick at home, it should have been Friday.

The thing is, I think that when our schedules are so full, our calendars so packed, that God graciously allows us to get sick just so that we can stop for a day or two.

It doesn’t always feel gracious. It sometimes feels frustrating. But as our Father, God knows what we really need… and I suppose sometimes that thing is a bad cough and runny nose so He can show us grace in an afternoon off work and a doctors appointment:

What a blessing to get that voicemail, to owe NOTHING on a doctors visit bill after months of owing what feels like everything on doctors visits. Thank You, God.

In other news…

It snowed this week! It was not a favorite, but seeing these pictures was:

The snow was perfect for rolling and packing so Allen and the girls built a cute little snowman in the backyard!

Also, if you missed yesterday’s post, there’s an awesome photo of me and Allen from 2012 – we were such babies!!

While Allen was at a church council meeting on Sunday, the kids and I dyed Easter eggs! In three separate pans, we boiled spinach, cumin, and blueberries to use as the dye. The blueberries definitely turned out the best!

And finally, we’ll wrap up with a picture of this adorable boy:

At less than 3 months old, Hudson is 13 1/2 lbs and 25″ long! He holds his head up well, smiles like crazy, and loves telling me all the things.

Happy Resurrection weekend, friends. We are humbled that Christ gave His life on a cross to pay for our sins. We are thankful, though, that death and the tomb have no victory over Him. And we rejoice that He is now seated at the right hand of the Father.

He is risen, indeed!

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