Friday Favorites (and some mama honesty)

All oweek, Ruth has fought going to bed and my patience is wearing thin. I’m exhausted, so why isn’t she?! As a result, I was thinking earlier this week, “What is God trying to teach me through this?”

And I’ve got nothing so far…

Except for the deepening realization that I am very much a sinner, saved by grave, being sanctified daily. My mama failings are deep and wide while my patience is shallow and thin.

I’m thankful that Gods’ mercies are new every morning and that nothing I do can separate me from His love.

After an especially frustratingly failed bedtime routine earlier this week, I just knelt on the floor of the girls’ bedroom and prayed out loud for them and for me. God is a good Father and I want to be a mama that shines His light, that reflects His parenting to my kids. I fail often, but I hope our kids know the love we have for our God and for them anyway.

But I digress.

Thank you all for praying because guess what we got in the mail! Allen’s passport! (PS – his picture looks SO GOOD while mine… doesn’t. A good passport photo! How does that even happen?!) It came in on the 11th and we are so thankful. We don’t have time to send off for visas while we are here in the states, so pray that that process goes smoothly in-country. I’m practicing my French now so I’m ready: “Nous avons besoin des visas!”

Another fun thing: For a glorious ten minutes this week, all three kids took naps at the same time!

We also spent lots of time this week watching brave men climb and cut down trees in our yard…

Coloring giant pictures…

Having good conversations with friends and family, sending out new prayer cards and letters, and enjoying early morning mountains…

And we were super jazzed to get a copy of part of our Togo itinerary! Spoilers: it includes going to the Kara market, attending a wedding reception, visiting two churches, and hiking… all within our first 4 or 5 days.

This is how we feel about that:

What were some highlights from your week? We hope your weekend is fun and restful, especially as we enter the season of remembering Christ’s death, burial, and RESURRECTION!!

Happy Friday, friends!

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