Tuesday Talk: Trees and Passports

Over the last summer and winter, we lost 6 big, beautiful spruce trees in our yard to the beetles. It was so sad, especially since one of the trees was part if our hammock set up! (Click on to see baby Ruth in a hammock.)

Here’s me and Ruth, June 2016, sitting in our hammock. So nice!

Since the trees were very much dead, we decided to have them removed. This would not only protect our house from falling trees in the terrible wind storms we get, but it would more than fill up our wood box for the next winter. Yesterday, the guys from Gage Tree Service came out to remove the trees and the girls were GLUED to the windows watching! Can you spy the man way up in the tree in the picture below?!

Anyway, I’m thankful the tree situation is mostly done. Now we just have to cut up all those trees and put the wood away.

We have one major prayer request this week: we are still waiting for Allen’s passport to come back. I know we still have three weeks before we head overseas, but… yikes. We only have three weeks! Please pray Allen’s passport arrives this week.

And one more quick praise. This boy:

Hudson is just so happy (most of the time). When he sees me, he grins. When I smile at him, he returns the favor. He started giggling a little bit over the last weekend and I just want to bottle up that sound and keep it forever.

Life is chaotic and crazy… but I’m so thankful the Lord knew we needed his calm, happy spirit in our lives and home.

Have a great week!

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