We are continuing our mini-series of resources help engage people in missions, discipleship, and more. Today, I want to highlight ABWE’s blog, a new feature on their website.

But first: let’s link back to some of the other resources we’ve highlighted so far:

The ABWE blog is a collection of articles and stories written by ABWE staff, missionaries, and other guest writers. Some articles are taken from the Message Magazine, others stem from podcast episodes, and some are written specifically for the blog itself. Topics range from Bible and Theology to Missionary Stories and everything in between.

If you want articles about Evangelism & Discipleship, there are resources there for you! If you are interested in Church Planting, the blog has you covered! And if you want to read encouraging and challenging Field Stories, there are stories aplenty.

To help you dive into the ABWE blog, I want to share this particular piece: 3 Marks of a Faithful Missionary, written by Andrew Ward. Andrew is the Togo South Team Leader and he and his wife, Mary, are such faithful workers in West Africa. The article reminds us that the marks of a faithful missionary are threefold: commitment to the word of God, commitment to the Church, and showing grace and forgiveness toward others. In fact, I’d venture to say that these practices should be evident amongst all believers, not just those serving cross-culturally.

Take a look around the ABWE blog, exploring the resources available. And be encouraged! We are all striving to live out this Christian faith together.

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