Friday Favorites:

In honor of it being Friday, I wrote you a poem:

Hey, hey!

It’s Friday!


Here are some favorites from the week:

This post about how Allen and I met was so fun to write and share… even if the picture of my gapped-tooth grin is a tad embarrassing.

Look at us now…

… still totally embarrassing.

We also posted our March video update! You can find it here. And, just for fun, here’s a less embarrassing picture of us.

Allen spent lots of time this week playing outside with the kids! The warmer weather has been so… nice.

Here’s a picture of Ruth and Clara in their “Club House” (as Ruth calls it) in the back yard.

Oh! And I got a new phone this week! My old one had been acting up for months and then I accidentally dropped it in water (well, it fell… out of my back pocket… and into the toilet. #facepalm). So that was not good. And that whole put-your-phone-in-rice thing did NOT work. But then getting a new phone was really good!

I lost quite a few pictures, unfortunately. So I retook Hudson’s two month pictures. In the first round of them, he was so happy and smiley… and this time, he was not. At all.

This weekend, FLBC is hosting the Women on Mission Celebration, an annual missions conference for Southern Baptist women in Alaska. I went to the Thursday night session last night and it was so good to worship together, study the Bible, and be encouraged to have unshakeable faith. We sure need that on this pre-field journey.

We had other fun highlights, too. Like realizing Allen’s former pastor’s wife knew the parents of ABWE’s current Area Director for Africa. And having a family lunch date at my work. And finding Ruth and Clara scrubbing their little potty with their toothbrushes. I mean, what?? Don’t worry. We bleached them before they brushed their teeth.

Kidding. We bought them new ones.

Have a happy weekend!!

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