How Getting Locked Out of a Place is Maybe a Good Thing

One of my favorite stories to tell is how Allen and I met. And for whatever reason, today is the day to share that story!

It was January 2012. The girls youth group from FLBC was in Anchorage, helping at a rescue mission, located right next to the church where Allen was a youth pastor. After serving the meal, they walked back out to their van to return to Wasilla…

… and the van wouldn’t start and car alarm kept going off.

Meanwhile, Allen was inside the church watching the situation unfold. He went outside to see if they needed help. The leader, Janelle, explained that they just had the wrong key and her husband, Joe, was on his way with the right key.

So Allen, dressed in a t-shirt, turned to go back to the church to wait for his ride…

… but had accidentally locked himself out.

Janelle invited him to sit in the van and proceeded to grill him: “Where are you from? How long have you been in Alaska? What do you like to do? Do you have a girlfriend?” Allen, being the good sport he is, answered her questions.

Finally Joe arrives and sends Janelle and the girls on their way. He waits with Allen and they talk more.

Meanwhile, Janelle returns to FLBC, where I’ve been the whole time. And she tells me the story of what happened, ending with, “You’ve GOT to meet him!”

I scoffed.

But within a few weeks, Allen had gotten ahold of my contact information (thanks, Ms. Linda and Dr. Anderson) and friended me on Facebook.

And then he called me.

And quickly, my scoffing turned to interest because I saw Allen’s heart for the Lord and for missions. I saw a brave man who left his family in Alabama to move to Alaska, just because God told him to. I saw a servant leader who thrives on caring for others, teaching, and being outdoors. I saw how adventurous, kind, and humble he is.

I’m still not sure what he saw in me (mostly because at that time I literally had a half-inch gap between my front two teeth from my braces).

Anyway, more than 7 years, 6 cars, 5 savings accounts, 4 new sets of pillows, 3 kids, 2 cell phones, and 1 dog later, here we are. All because of a couple locks.

7 thoughts on “How Getting Locked Out of a Place is Maybe a Good Thing

  1. Thank you for sharing your story. Didn’t know for sure how it all came about. But you can see God right in the middle of your story. HE sure loves a good love story. God bless you both.

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