Friday Favorites: Weekly Round Up

Allen and I started talking about this post and favorites from the week just kept coming to mind! We had a hard time narrowing it down. As a result, here are our top 10 favorites (in no particular order).

1. Fufu! Our friends Fred and Betty brought us some fufu from a grocery store they found down south. So we cooked it up on Sunday and had fufu and peanut stew for lunch with them. It was yummy and got us excited to travel back to West Africa soon!

2. We shared at church on Sunday, too! We gave an update about our timeline and ministry plans and told a couple stories. Plus, we wore our Ghanaian clothes again, which is always fun.

3. Sunday was busy because after church and fufu, Ms. Etta came over to meet Hudson and visit for a little bit!

4. Allen built the girls a fort in the backyard with some old logs. Ruth calls it her Club House. We LOVE that the weather was nice enough this week to play outside, do a little bit of yard work, and just run around. And the girls love inviting people into their Club House.

5. Hudson slept for EIGHT HOURS Wednesday night. And that was my favorite, for sure. He turned two months old on Monday and is measuring in at 24″ long and 12 lbs, 10 oz. big boy!

6. My friend Anna came over this week, too! Anna was our realtor when we bought our house, but she has since turned into such a sweet friend to our family. She is always so encouraging and delightful to be around.

7. Anytime we go onto the back porch, whether it’s to put something on the grill (yay for grilling season again!) or let Oggie out, Clara wants to go outside, too. Seeing this little girl in her pink rain coat just living her best life outside was so fun this week.

8. This sunrise! I had a 7:00am meeting at our facilities department one day this week and drove from there to my office as the sun was rising. This picture does not do justice to the pink clouds and the snow capped mountains. I kept saying, “Great job, Lord!” as I drove, totally in awe.

9. We saw FIVE moose in a group on the road this week! They were like a gang. I have never seen that big of a group before. At the most, it’s usually three: a mama moose and twins. But FIVE?!

10. People tend to think we are crazy, having three kids ages 3 and under. And maybe we are. But seeing pictures like this confirms that it is the right thing for our family. Our life is messy and chaotic and loud and dramatic. But it is beautiful.

Happy weekend, friends!

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