Friday Favorites:

Our driveway is almost clear of snow, it’s been in the 40s, and there are even tulips blooming. The promise of spring is on the horizon and I am so. happy.

Since spring is around the corner, we went on a family date last Saturday to Reflections Lake. We hoped to take a nice long walk, but the trail was terrible. We walked a little ways, then built a snowman!

Allen is so creative when it comes to things like building snowmen. He and Ruth just whipped this up on the side of the trail while Clara sat to the side eating snow.

Speaking of Clara, as we mentioned on Tuesday, she is in her big girl bed now! She loves it, and while going to bed initially is still a struggle, she is getting used to it.

Allen is really enjoying his time of discipleship with one of the high school guys from our church. They meet Thursday mornings for breakfast before Allen drives him to school. Those days, I go to work late and have some extra sweet time with the kids at home. Win-win.

This week, we’ve also enjoyed trying new recipes, sharing about Togo with friends, and setting up my March Madness bracket at work.

Oh! And we had a prefield planning meeting… in the car, while kids slept in the back. Our goal is still to be at 75% by May 1 and we mapped out ideas to get there.

Seems like our best conversations and planning sessions take place in the mini-van these days. No matter where the road takes us, it’s nice to just be together talking.

Enjoy your weekend, friends! Remember, FLBC is having a missions service on Sunday at 10:30am. If you don’t have somewhere else to be, we’d love to see you there!

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