2019 (and Beyond) Timeline

A common question we field is, “Are you still going to Togo? What is your timeline?” Today we want to address that, in part, by sharing our projected timeline and goals for 2019.

To start (and clear up any confusion if it exists), YES, are still moving to Togo as career missionaries with ABWE. That calling and pursuit has been in full-forward motion since March 2018 (and honestly, well before that, as both Allen and I felt burdened for missions since we were kids).

Now, here is our projected timeline, with goals and checkpoints highlighted along the way:

  • April 2019: By the end of the month, and prior to our survey trip, our goal is to have 75% of our monthly need committed by partners. We are just 20% away from meeting that goal!
  • May 2019: Our long-awaited site visit is here! We will travel May 1-12 and be in-country to attend a team meeting on the 8th and 9th. Over Memorial Day Weekend, we will have a yard sale to raise money for our Outfit & Passage account.
  • June -August 2019: We will spend June recovering from the craziness of May (ha!) and dive into a full summer of prefield ministry, which includes completing some ABWE-required assignments and classes. There are several churches across Alaska that we’d LOVE the opportunity to share with, so we may do some traveling. We also hope to do some camping and hiking and have fun family time together.
  • September 2019: The final training requirement for ABWE (Field Prep Seminar) is in November. We must have 85% of our monthly funds committed to be approved to attend FPS. Our focus over the summer and fall will be to reach that goal.
  • October 2019: By mid-October, we’ll need to qualify to attend FPS, so we’ll work to finalize any assignments and follow-up with any verbal commitments for partnership.
  • November 2019: Lord willing, we will attend FPS!
  • December 2019: Our goal is to be fully funded by the end of the year. Every other year, we spend Christmas with my parents in Oregon. So this year, we will travel down south for the holidays in between prepping our house to sell, sorting through our belongings to take to France vs. ship to Togo, etc.
    • January – April 2020: We will prepare our house to sell, pack a shipping container, and get ready to leave Alaska.
    • April 2020: Allen will graduate from Wayland Baptist University.
    • May – August 2020: We will leave Alaska and visit friends and family in the Lower 48.
    • September 2020: We anticipate starting language school in France! The year-long program will be critical in preparing us for ministry in Togo.
  • And in fall 2021, we anticipate landing feet-first in Togo for the remainder of our first term!

    But of course…

    These plans are held with open hands. So much can change in one year (as we well know!). So we are making plans and goals, trusting them to the Lord, and waiting to see what He does with them.

    Please let us know if you have any questions – we’d love to share more with you in person or through video chat!

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