Tuesday Talk: The Last 8 Weeks

Happy Tuesday! I return to work tomorrow (sad), so today we really want to reflect on the last eight weeks that I’ve been home. We’ve been through a battle (in more ways than one) and come out victorious in Christ!

We experienced many physical battles over the last couple months:

  • Ear infection
  • RSV (times 4)
  • Common colds (times 3)
  • Three post-partum infections (of varying type)
  • Sleepless nights

And many spiritual battles, as well:

  • Temptations to compare, stress, worry, be impatient, and fear
  • Busy-ness
  • Having more trust in ourselves than in God

But we made it. By the grace of God (grace upon grace upon grace), we made it through seven very tough, trying weeks. We made it to the other side of the battle.

So today, we want to praise God for:

  • The health we are experiencing (minus another infection I have)
  • Ruth sleeping in her own bed (not on the floor!)
  • Three new families and individuals who joined our partnership team the last few days
  • Several other families and individuals who have expressed wanting to join or increasing their monthly gift
  • A really fun and encouraging partner get together over the weekend
  • Allen’s week long break from school
  • Encouraging testimonies in Scripture, like Nehemiah who ignored the haters and just did what God called him to do
  • Hudson sleeping a solid 5-6 hours for the start of each night (and then wanting to nurse the rest of the night)
  • Friends who are like family to us

Oh, Lord, may we never forget how truly blessed we are.

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