Tuesday Talk

Yesterday, I was driving Hudson to his chiropractor appointment, and randomly decided to practice my French. In the car. Out loud.

Hudson probably thought I was crazy.

I took French for four years in high school and college, so while I’m for sure rusty, I was really pleased with what I remembered! I was able to (more or less) introduce myself, ask what my imaginary friend knew about Jésus, and tell my friend about how Jésus died for “tout le monde sur la Croix” in French.

Y’all, I witnessed to my one-month old son in another language! *Air high five*

Anyway, I share that story to share this praise:

We bought our site visit tickets to Togo!

Allen, Hudson, and I will be in Togo May 1-12. I’m so excited to be in-country, to meet the Togo South Team, to hear more about the ministry in Kara, and to see how our family weaves into that. And with that, I’m excited to practice my little bit of French (both on our layover in Paris and while we’re in West Africa).

God provided so richly for our tickets through generous partners and our church’s missions fund. We had another great experience working with Sharon from Raptim Air (Sharon helped me book everyone’s tickets to Ghana in 2017). And our team has been so gracious as we’ve debated dates and itineraries.

So what else?

Praise God for:

  • My infection is clearing up, thanks to good antibiotics and rest.
  • A surprise check in the mail from insurance for Allen’s accident in the Jeep last fall.
  • And a surprise “Congratulations on your baby!” gift from ABWE!
  • Allen’s new semester of classes started last night and I successfully put ALL THREE CHILDREN down for bed by myself. The girls didn’t even cry or throw a fuss.

This week, you can be praying for:

  • A smooth transition for Allen back into the routine and rhythm of school.
  • My grandfather (his name is Ken) is undergoing chemo for stage 4 pancreatic cancer… and is not doing well. Pray for healing, for God’s will in his life, and for peace for my grandmother (Lynda) and their children (including my father, Phil).
  • Our goal is to reach 75% of our monthly need by May 1st, when we leave on our site visit. Please pray for God’s timing and provision in our partnership development.

Our February newsletter is released tomorrow! Check back in the morning to snag the link so you can be among the first to read it.

Merci for walking this road with us. We are thankful for you!

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