Friday Favorites:

It’s almost the weekend! We. Are. Ready. I woke up Thursday with a 101* + fever, a headache, and mastitis. I’m on another round of antibiotics, but praise the Lord I can still nurse Hudson.

That diagnosis wasn’t at all a favorite from the week, but read on for some highlights!

We got our photos back from Hudson’s newborn and our family pictures and love them all! Heather Dunn took them (she also took our wedding pictures!) and is so talented.

Here’s some favorites:

We kept Ruth laughing by talking about her “Jelly Bean Brother”!

This last photo just sums up our life.

We also designed some new prayer cards! Hopefully they will be here for our partner get together on March 9.

We also spent time this week playing outside…


And I was blessed to share with some women from our church about Togo! These women all love the Lord and missions. What a blessing they were on an otherwise crazy day.

I was reminded of Romans 8:28 this week:

We can’t currently see how this season of illness and infection is being worked for good, but we are trusting that it is!

Have a restful and relaxing weekend!

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