Friday Favorites: So So Blessed.

Though we didn’t plan to, I think we posted every day this week! You probably should not expect that trend to continue (we do have three kids ages 3 and under, after all), but it was fun while it lasted.

Okay, this was for sure our favorite part of the week:

Hudson being so so brave, a clear and quick ultrasound, and an answer to prayer when his report came back favorable! Apart from a small cyst, our boy got a clean bill of health. Praise the Lord!

We celebrated Valentine’s Day this was week, too. For our family, that meant a chiropractor appointment for Hudson, a trip to WalMart for spring cleaning supplies (and, randomly, some pasta and hand soap), and then…

Ice cream at Cold Stone! Clara wasn’t too sure about her raspberry sherbet and Ruth kept reminding us that Hudson was too little for ice cream… and then she dropped her cone on the ground. Valentine’s Day sure is different with kids, isn’t it?

We always said we’d never get a mini van. We are Jeep people, after all. But you guys, we LOVE our mini van.

There’s so much space for activities!! Please note that there are NO TOYS on the floor of the van (yet), no goldfish on the seats (yet), and no random shoes or water bottles in every crevice (yet). We know these days are few and far between, so we are currently relishing the fact that we have a clean van… and HEATED LEATHER SEATS!

Heather at Ambience Photography took our wedding pictures five years ago, and last Friday, she took Hudson’s newborn and some family photos, too. It was so much fun spending time with her again and we love this sneak peek photo of Hudson! We can’t wait to share more from the set with you… and look for some new prayer cards later this spring, too.

Our sweet friend Ms. Val came over on Monday for dinner and to hear about Togo. We had a great time visiting with her, sharing our hearts, and hearing her heart, too. It was just the encouragement we needed before Hudson’s big appointment.

Allen and I were talking yesterday about how thankful we are for the body of Christ and how supported we have been the last few weeks. It is humbling to say, “We need something,” and humbling to be the recipients of so much generosity and love. Almost every dinner (and lunch the next day) this week was a meal someone had made for us. Phone calls, text messages, friends who hold our kids and put them down for naps, delicious chocolate banana bread (fresh from the oven)… we are truly blessed.

Thank you all. We love you.

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  1. I just love you guys & feel so blessed to be your friend. Adore your sense of humor….keep it up. God bless all 5 of you.

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