Happy Valentine’s Day!

Aww, love. Today is Valentine’s Day – the day we traditionally celebrate all things love. To some, it is merely a “Hallmark Holiday” – something designed for businesses to make a profit. But to all believers, it can be a day we celebrate the Truth about love.

When Allen and I got married in 2014, we read a passage from 1 John 4 during the ceremony. We focused especially on this verse:

Today is a day to celebrate and remember not just the love we have for our families, friends, etc… but the love the Lord has for us, for all His children, for all people.

We have the capacity to love in the first place because of the love He showed us, fully manifest on the Cross of Calvary. We are shown over and over in Scripture what love is, what great love looks like, and how love is enough to cover all offenses.

God’s love is sufficient for me and you… but also for the unreached people groups still living in darkness around the world. Today, in addition to loving those you normally love, we encourage you to take a moment and love some of those unreached peoples through prayer:

  • Ask that God would reveal Himself to them
  • Ask for believers to show them God’s love in tangible, real, ministering ways
  • Ask for how you can be involved in loving them, too

Happy Valentines Day, friends. And regardless of how you really feel about this holiday (or “holiday”), know that God’s love is always worth remembering.

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