Yesterday, Hudson had an ultrasound to check his spinal cord for complete closure and development. We received a call yesterday evening from his pediatrician and…

Everything looked great!

Hudson does have a small cyst (less than 1cm) near his tailbone that is what is causing the anomaly that had us all so worried. However, his pediatrician said he is just “a variation of normal” and that the ultrasound was reassuring. The cyst is not expected to cause any development or growth issues.

Praise God.

The whole time we were in the exam room, I prayed Psalm 139, reminding myself that whatever the ultrasound showed, Hudson was formed exactly as the Lord intended.

We know God has good plans for our little guy. We are so thankful that those plans include a healthy and well-formed spine.

We are also so thankful for your prayers and encouragement as we’ve walked this out. Thank you.

Hudson will continue to see the chiropractor and be re-evaluated in mid-March to check his alignment and pressure points in his back. Our pediatrician will monitor the cyst and if it grows or starts to cause other issues, we will address them then.

Again, we just praise God for watching over our brave baby boy and for surrounding us with friends and family who pray for us. Thank you.

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