Tuesday Talk: Another Appointment.

During my third trimesters of pregnancy, I always write some Bible verses and “birth affirmations” on index cards. Then, while I’m laboring, Allen will read a card and pray with me through each contraction.

One of Hudson’s cards said that, through labor and delivery, I was teaching him his first lesson about being brave. I love that idea – that somehow, me enduring through labor, working to bring him to the outside, taught him a little more about how to be brave.

Little did we know just how brave he would need to be this first month of life!

At 8:30am Alaska time today, we will check into Mat-Su Regional Hospital for Hudson to have an ultrasound on his spine. His appointment is at 9:00am and will last an hour.

We don’t know what this ultrasound will reveal, but we are praying that we will see a perfectly formed and completely closed spinal cord. And then we will proclaim how good our Creator God is.

And if that is not what we see, we will still proclaim how good our Creator God is.

I mean, look at this cute milky face God created!

This verse has been on repeat in my mind and heart:

And I have felt God’s peace guarding my heart against fear as I trust in Him.

Thank you for praying for us and Hudson. Thank you for making meals, showering us with beautiful gifts, and making us laugh in this crazy season.

We. Love. You.

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