Friday Favorites: Encouragement

Friday! We made it. This week, we were greatly encouraged while holding our hands open to the Lord, waiting expectantly.

Hudson had a doctors appointment on Wednesday. While there, our pediatrician ordered an ultrasound for next Tuesday to see what’s going on in his sacrum. Is it just out of place or is there more to the story, such as his spinal cord not fully closing? Please pray with us for Tuesday to show a perfectly formed and closed spine.

But even in this, there was encouragement as countless friends and family members reached out to us to say they are praying and to share some of their personal stories. Thank you all. You bless us.

I am feeling better after my ER visit on Sunday night. The antibiotics are doing their job, praise the Lord. Thank you for praying for me. Because of my antibiotics, I can’t nurse right now. We are thankful that Hudson has taken to a bottle like a champion.

We took Hudson to my work briefly this week, before one of his chiropractor appointments. And I just have to say, I work with the BEST people. Shout out to MSBSD’s Business Services Department for being the bee’s knees and for loving our family so well.

Allen had class in Anchorage on Wednesday and when he got back out to the car afterwards, he found a note on the windshield from some sweet friends who had been in the same building. Thank you for the encouraging note!! It came at just the right time.

If you’ve followed along since November-ish, you know about all our vehicles sagas. Well guess what, friends?! We bought a new (to us) vehicle and are proud owners of a man van! This beauty is our new family vehicle, making the Jeep more of a commuter-esque car. So if you see us driving around, wave!

Now that Ruth and Clara are well again, we let them hold Hudson. To say they love him would be a gross understatement.

Finally, I’m currently reading this book (and loving it). It has been such a challenging and encouraging read this week as we defiantly choose joy. I posted more about it on Instagram – you can see that post here.

Friends, this has been such a hard two weeks for our family. But God. Oh, how He can do abundantly more than all we can ask or imagine. As we follow Him through this season, we pray you see His gracious hand at work and that you glorify Him with us.

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