Bible Institute: Class is in Session!

This week, we received some pictures from our teammate, Joan, of a class being held this week at the Bible Institute!

This is the view from Joan’s apartment in Kara. The large green roofed building in the back is the orphanage and next to it (hidden from view) is the Bible Institute.

And this week, 7 men have been attending class on that campus!

Honoré (pictured below), a believer from Lomé (the capital of Togo), is teaching the class. Here, they are focusing specifically on John 20:30-31.

Allen and I would love to provide some biblical teaching, too, so we were excited to see that being done. We don’t know how God will fit us into this ministry, but we are waiting expectantly with open hands!

Pray for these 7 men and Honoré as they study together. Pray for them to have a deeper understanding of the Scriptures and a passion to share it with others.

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