Friday Favorites: A Review in Pictures

Happy Friday! And happy February 1st! One of our friends and partners posted this on Facebook and it made me laugh:

Phew. We made it!

Ruth and Clara spent the week treating Oggie like a horse, drinking cocoa, and learning about Lucky Charms.

Clara also got a clean bill of health!

And Ruth enjoyed rocking Hudson’s car seat (while we sanitized her hands constantly and adamantly forced her to cover her mouth when she coughed). A sweet friend brought us these flowers as a welcome to Hudson and they BLESSED my week!

Mimi got in some baby snuggles, too.

Allen and I had many “dates” to doctors appointments with various children.

And our littles teammate proudly showed off his Hudson Hornet t-shirt. My dad calls him “the Hornet” so this onesie is dedicated to Papa Phil. We miss you, Papa!

As of today, Hudson is one week old and while it has been a crazy week, we are so thankful for him. We are looking forward to having a healthy house again and things slowing down some (haha). Have a great weekend.

PS – If you missed it earlier, we shared our January newsletter on Wednesday!

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