Friday Favorites: What. A. Week.

Happy Friday! If you follow us on social media, you’d know already that this week has been one for the books. For example…

This one was diagnosed with an ear infection on Monday…

… and this one tested positive for RSV on Tuesday.

Coughing, sniffling, the humidifier, and Lysol spray bottles have been the soundtrack in our home this week.

On Wednesday, I had an ultrasound to check fluid levels and Hudson’s heart rate, since we are a week past our due date. And praise the Lord, everything is just fine. He’s healthy and I have twice the fluid levels that I need.

The countdown is seriously on though: if I am not in active labor by next Thursday, I won’t be able to deliver at the midwifery where I have received all my prenatal care. Instead, I’ll have to be induced at the hospital. I delivered both girls at the hospital, so this wouldn’t be the end of the world… but I would be disappointed. Please pray that baby boy comes sooooooooooooon.

In addition to those things, we found out this week that my grandfather was diagnosed with two kinds of cancer, my uncle had a heart attack, and my dad has a kidney stone.

I wish we had some profound and theologically deep way to wrap up this post. Instead, I want to just share this verse:

Job 13:15a “Though He slay me, yet will I hope in Him.”

We don’t know how any of these situations will turn out.

Job didn’t either.

Yet his hope was in the Lord.

If you get a chance, listen to this song. If you are going through The Heavy right now, too, we pray it encourages your heart.

PS – Since baby boy has not yet arrived, we are rescheduling our February Partner Get Together and Dessert Party for Friday, February 8th. Join us at our house at 6:30pm to meet our newest teammate and hear a ministry and timeline update. We created an event on a Facebook and would love it if you would RSVP so we know how many cookies to make!

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