Tuesday Talk: Hudson Watch 2019

Well, friends… still no baby! My due date was last Thursday (and we wrote all about baby boy’s namesake last week)… but this little guy is cozy and warm and not moving out yet!

So, in addition to continued prayers for a safe, healthy, and timely delivery, please also pray for…

Our sweet Clara Mae: what we thought was just teething has turned into terrible congestion, a cough, sleeplessness, etc. She has a doctors appointment this morning and we are praying that is it nothing serious. And I confess – while we want Hudson to be here NOW, I am thankful that I can hold and comfort this sick little girl when she needs it.

Please continue to pray for a vehicle for us. Allen’s truck bit the dust in December and we thought we had found a replacement… but nope! We are still on the hunt. So please pray for God’s provision and wisdom as we look and wait.

We praise God that my mama is here! She has been such a blessing: helping with dishes, cuddling our girls, praying for and with us.

That pretty much sums up life this week. If something specific is going on in your lives, let us know. We are praying for you, too.

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