Friday Favorites: No Baby, but Lots of Fun!

We had hoped that today we would be able to announce that our new baby was here and look how cute and yay!! …. but God’s timing said otherwise and we are still waiting for baby Batts to make his appearance!

And that’s fine. While I was pregnant with Ruth and Clara, waiting for them to be born, the Lord reminded me that He knows all their days already. And that includes the first one. We just get to wait and see when that first day will be. The waiting is hard, yes. But we have had a great week while waiting!

Allen and I celebrated our fifth anniversary over the weekend with a little getaway to Alyeska. It. Was. The. Best. We had a great meal at the top of the mountain, slept in (until like 7:45am #parentlife), had room service breakfast, played Rummy, drank sparkling cider (pictured above with our lunch one day!), and just spent time talking and hanging out.

Oh, and we saw a bear.

Some of my sweet friends threw us a baby shower Saturday evening! I had such a fun time with the ladies from our church and my mama even gave the devotion, which was really special. Thank you to everyone who has showered us with blessings in this season!

Since I’m on maternity leave now, we decided to take the girls to do something fun… so we went to the Fly Trampoline Park in Wasilla! Ruth was a little apprehensive at first, but both girls LOVED it! I couldn’t jump, but mom and Allen chased those girls all over the place. So fun!

Our week was also spent with dance parties in Frozen and Mickey jammies…

Building castles out of legos…

Marveling at beautiful views and snowy trees…

And taking selfies with my super cute mama.

It’s been a good week, friends. We hope and pray you did, too.

Now, maybe next week, we’ll get to add a new little mister to our crazy mix?!

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