5 Years

Today, January 10, 2019, marks our fifth wedding anniversary! Five years ago, on a snowy day in Wasilla, Alaska, we were preparing to meet each other at the end of a church aisle and, in front of God, friends, and family, commit our lives to one another. That commitment hasn’t changed, but the day-to-day reality of it has!

Five years ago, we didn’t have kids or a dog. We rented a small apartment (the cheapest we could find!) that was built in the 1970s or 80s. The bathroom didn’t vent correctly, we had condensation on our living room windows all winter long, and the coin-operated laundry three floors down in the basement was usually being used by other tenants.

For the first six or seven months of our marriage, our only furniture was a small kitchen table with stools, one recliner, a hand-me-down entertainment center, an old (terribly heavy) blue metal desk, and our bedroom set. So in the evenings, we would sit on our bed and watch movies or Netflix on the laptop… a tradition that continues to this day.

But we filled that first apartment (and the parking lot outside) almost every Friday night for College & Career Bible study, sometimes staying up until 5:00am Saturday morning to play Settlers of Catan, drink coffee, and talk with students. And we made them sign our guestbook every week.

We brought Ruth home to that apartment in December 2015 and started figuring out the whole “parenting” thing together.

Fast forward to now and if you were to peak inside our home (purchased in 2016), you would spy a full (mostly) matching living room set, a large dining room table with benches Allen made in our two-car garage, three bedrooms full of furniture, clothes, and toys, two bathrooms (with proper ventilation!), plus kids and a dog.  

Ruth and Clara now fill our house with toys, noise, and mess on a daily basis. And we are still figuring out that whole “parenting” thing.

We don’t host the College & Career Bible study any more, but if you glanced at our guestbook today, you would see a steady stream of friends coming over to share a meal, hang out, do Bible study, hear about Togo, and more. 

The last five years have brought such joy and blessing from the Lord as we’ve learned (together) how to serve the Lord with our different gifts and talents, love each other sacrificially (even on the messy days), raise our kids (hopefully at least semi-successfully), and survive on little sleep. 

Allen, you’re still my favorite. I’d live every day with you all over again and I look forward with eager anticipation to what God will do in the next five years. Happy 5th Anniversary.

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