Tuesday Talk: Cold but Cozy!

We have been in the middle of a cold snap the last week or so. Below-zero temperatures make the trees look oh-so-magical… and freeze your nose hairs in a matter of seconds. (Can I get an amen?)

For that reason, we are so so thankful for:

  • Wood stoves (and the goods to feed into it)
  • A heated garage in which we can work on projects and park cars
  • Warm coats, cozy pajamas, and countless blankets piled on beds
  • Couch naps with cuddly kids

This week, we’d like to ask prayer for the following specific things:

  • Baby Batts is due on the 17th, so please pray for a quick, smooth delivery in the Lord’s timing; for no complications; and for a quick recovery.
  • We have (potentially) found a vehicle to purchase (praise the Lord!), but ask for wisdom and clarity of mind as we test drive it again this week, try to fit car seats, and consider all the pros and cons.
  • Allen’s classes started back yesterday after Christmas break, with him commuting an hour each way, twice a week. Please pray for his safety on the roads and for success in his classes.

Thanks for praying for and with us, friends. We are thankful for you!

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