Happy New Year!

2019 is upon us – and (according to Wikipedia) a lot is supposed to happen this year! But the promise of a new year is really solidified in Scripture.

We plan for the coming year. We set our goals, our resolutions, our timelines – and it is good to do so

Allen and I have big plans for this year (as we’re sure you do, too!):

  • Baby #3 will join our family soon
  • A site visit to Togo is being planned for May.
  • We hope to reach 100% of our funding in time for our October ABWE training
  • Allen will enroll in his last few semesters at WBU

But in the midst of our planning, the Lord determines how those things come to fruition, how they really play out. The promise in scripture is that our plans can never thwart how God determines our steps. 

We are praying for you, friends, as the new year opens. Maybe 2018 was full of hardship – relational, emotional, financial. Or maybe 2018 was full of blessing in the same areas.

Our pray for your 2019 is that as you make your plans (whatever they may be!) that the Lord intervenes and determines your steps… and that you are open to that working in your life!

Happy New Year!

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