Friday Favorites: Christmas!

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” and then all the decorations were put away within a week to make room for a fresh start to 2019!

A couple weeks ago, I heard about the “Learn to Skate” classes at our local ice rink performing “Frozen on Ice” one Saturday night and knew Ruth would love it. So last Saturday, Ruth and I bundled up and headed to the rink for a mommy/daughter Christmas date! She. Loved. It. And, truth be told, I did, too. She was captivated the whole performance.

As we walked out at the end of the show, the main cast was waiting by the front door for photos, autographs, etc. Ruth did not want to say hi to any of them (and hid behind me when Anna said hi to her), but she has mentioned seeing Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and Sven ice skating several times, so it was a win.

On Christmas Eve, Allen’s dad, Larry, flew up for Christmas from Alabama! It is always so special when people come to visit us in Alaska. Ruth and Clara loved spending time with their Papa Larry (it was Clara’s first time meeting him!) and Allen and I even got to sneak away on a “date”… to my 37-week prenatal appointment.

Christmas morning, we surprised the girls with homemade doll beds – Allen built the frames and I sewed the mattresses, blankets, and pillows. It’s been fun watching them put their babies to bed and play with them this week! We had friends-like-family over for lunch, most of us took afternoon naps in the living room, and we wrapped up the day with a game of “Flash Point.”

It is easy to not “feel” like it is Christmas when things are so busy, but I am thankful that Christ’s birth was not at all dependent on my feelings. He came to us, Emmanuel, and left a His Spirit with us, too.

A few other highlights that have us excited this week:

I’ve had two physical therapy appointments so far and they seem to be helping my pulled muscle, praise the Lord!

We are putting the finishing touches on preparing for baby Batts’ arrival next month – his room is almost done being painted, my bag is packed, paperwork is done… now we wait.

We spent some time reflecting on 2018 earlier this week. If you missed it, read it here! Our last newsletter of the year will go out on Monday, December 31. You can sign up to receive it in your email inbox and we’ll post a link to it here.

And now, a low to (hopefully) end the Vehicle Sagas of 2018 once and for all. After serving us faithfully for several years, Allen’s truck bit the dust. The clutch went out and repairs to fix it are more than the vehicle is worth. All along, we’ve talked about how when this day came, we would buy a vehicle with 3rd row seating. And now that day has come, so we are in the market for a gently used vehicle!

I’ll be honest – it has been a tough month and a half with all these things happening to our cars. We are so tempted to say, “Why, Lord?!” and get angry and impatient. But the other day, the pastor of a church we shared at this year shared Lamentations 3:22-27 on social media and we were so encouraged. So instead of despairing, we will hope and wait quietly.

As you think of our family, please pray for a quiet hope and patience as we seek God. We are trusting Him to provide the best vehicle for our family and can’t wait to see what He does.

Happy New Year, friends!

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