2018: Year in Review

A year ago today, we were heading to the airport for our mission trip to Ghana, West Africa. A lot has changed since then! So we decided today to highlight some of our most popular posts of the year. Check out the links below for a glimpse of where we’ve been in the last nine to twelve months!

The top five posts from 2018 were:

  1. So You’re Having a Baby… (fun fact – we had more website hits the day this post was published than any other day)
  2. This Friday Favorites post (that really brought our daily existence to life for everyone)
  3. An update about our Togo Timeline
  4. Part III of our “Is Togo Safe?” series
  5. This Tuesday Talk update about Allen’s truck losing its tire!

This year, we had website visitors from more than 25 different countries who viewed our site more than 8,000 times. 

But more important than all these numbers and stats is the fact that, Lord willing, this little corner of the Internet is being used by God to point others towards missions, highlight the work He is doing around the world, and glorify His name. 

Trust me – Allen and I know that we are just sinful people saved by grace. We pray you see that grace in our lives every step of this adventure as we faithfully follow the calling God has placed on us. 

So happy end-of-2018 and Happy New Year! We’ll post our weekly Friday Favorites tomorrow, then we’ll see you on the flippity flip!

2 thoughts on “2018: Year in Review

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