Friday Favorites: Friends and Snow!

Happy Friday-before-Christmas! If you’re like us, today is a “normal” day that includes Allen being home with the girls (you know, keeping them alive, doing dishes, etc.) and me being at work (rocking some tacky Christmas clothes). But we are eagerly anticipating next Tuesday!

My mom and dad sent the girls some pajamas that came with a matching set for their dolls. You better believe they wanted to wear them right away… and Clara refused to take hers off the next morning!

Last week, Allen got a text from one of our friends, asking if he could plow our driveway.

Um, yes. Yes, you may.

So Saturday morning, I took the girls to the store while Allen waited for Jesse… who rode up around 10:15am in a HUGE tractor that he borrowed for the weekend! Within about an hour, he had our whole driveway cleared (all the way up to the front door!).

We were so blessed by how he served our family in that way. And I know Allen LOVED not having to shovel the 8-10 inches of snow that has accumulated lately.

Allen and the girls usually have lunch with me at work once a week or so. Well, last time they came over, it was snowing! I walked them back out to the truck before getting back to work, and the snow stuck in Clara’s hair was one of my favorite things this week.

Also, we think baby boy has dropped! I haven’t had heartburn in DAYS (weeks?!), which is fabulous. But because of his lower position, I have had more muscle pain than usual. I went to Physical Therapy for the first time last night and I’m praying it helps! We have about one more month before our newest little one makes his appearance, which is so exciting.

This tree by the front door to my office was just covered in frost this week and I loved it!

I work as a Business Systems Analyst and as such, I quite enjoy some good data analytics. Recently, I built this little graph that tracks how God has built our partnership team since we started prefield ministry:

From the chart, we can see how the Lord so quickly (within about 6 weeks!) provided our first 50% support, allowing us to attend an important training session in July. Then we held steady at 50% for three months before things started picking up again. Today, we’re at 60% of our monthly need and we are so thankful for those who have caught the vision the Lord has for ministry in Northern Togo and joined our team as a result of that.

If you want to join our monthly (or quarterly or annually) prayer and financial partnership team before year-end, we would love to have you! You can even opt to delay giving until January 2019 (or a later date) if you’d prefer. If you’d like to give a one-time year-end gift, you can do that, too! Those gifts go into our Outfit & Passage account, which pays for things like language school, a car in Togo, shipping our house goods, etc. Click here for more information or to give financially!

Finally, we shared about some turmoil in Togo this week surrounding their elections, but we also want to point your attention to what believers are experiencing in China right now:

This Christmas season, please remember those believers around the world, and especially in China, who are being arrested and persecuted for their faith. Pray for the kids who are separated from their parents and probably experiencing fear and loneliness. Pray for their endurance, for their faith to be strengthened in the Lord, and for their persecutors to know the Truth of the Gospel.

Christ the newborn King has come… so that He may be risen indeed.

Finally, one more note before we wrap this up: in keeping with the trajectory of life and vehicles lately, we really will need to purchase a new (to us) vehicle for Allen. As you think of us, please pray for wisdom with that situation, for a God’s provision, and for His timing.

Have a great Christmas weekend!

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