Togo in the News: Protests & Elections

We’ve talked quite a bit this year about how safe Togo is (or isn’t – I’m looking at you, snakes!). But today (December 20) is Togo’s parliamentary election day and things have been a little unsettled in the country lately…

Togolese people want the freedom to express themselves and have fair, transparent elections. Recently, several protests and riots in Lome and Sokode have left people injured and even dead, including a 12-year-old boy.

Here is an article from Amnesty International that provides more insight to the current political situation in Togo.

Today, especially, we ask that you pray: Pray for peace in Togo. Pray for wisdom for those in authority. And pray for godly leaders who will lead the country well.

Pray, too, for our teammates serving in and around Lome and Sokode, as well as those throughout the country. Political turmoil in any context makes things tense, but especially during the holiday season.

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