Tuesday Talk: Cars

A few weeks ago, we mentioned to a friend how we post praises and prayer requests on our website every Tuesday. She said, “Oh! Like Togo Tuesday?!” I told her, “Well, we call it Tuesday Talk (as in, talking to God about Togo), but I like that title, too!” So in honor of our friend, here is our Tuesday Togo Talk! 

This has been quite a couple weeks for our vehicles:

  • Allen’s tire incident in November
  • My flat tire last Tuesday
  • Allen was rear-ended in the Jeep last Wednesday on the highway while en route to class in Anchorage. (He was fine, praise the Lord, and the Jeep had very minimal damage. The other driver’s vehicle was totaled.)
  • Last week, our truck started having trouble shifting between gears. We took it into the shop on Monday and while the base repairs were nothing too big, it is very likely a much more serious issue. The possible repairs to the truck would cost more than it is worth, leaving us with a couple options to pray about.

Please pray for wisdom and God’s provision in God’s timing. 

This week, however, we are thankful for lots of snow and friends who plow our driveway; for one week until Christmas; for new puzzles; for God granting us safety and provision; and for how God is preparing us (even now!) to serve Him. 

Have a great week, friends!

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk: Cars

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